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Taking your brand to the top listings in the search engine and social media arenas can do many great things for your brands, but it doesn’t always help the bottom line. Engagement, on the other hand, is the key to converting exposure into sales and sales is what drives the bottom line. Digital Engagement Optimization is a dedicated discipline to finding what makes your potential clients engage with your messaging and commit to your brand.


The Discipline of Digital Engagement Optimization

Digital Engagement Optimization (DEO) is a focused exercise in finding how to get higher conversions from your digital marketing efforts. This multi-layered discipline works through a dynamic process that allows for extreme customization while providing predictable results. DEO is unique to Buzzbizz Creative and has been recognized by the American Marketing Association as a visionary marketing practice. DEO is best suited for companies looking to both increase their digital exposure while increasing their conversion rates at the same time. DEO uses tools from every facet of digital marketing from social media to content marketing. This service dives into what works at every level of your prospects’ digital experience with your brand and looks to maximize every opportunity along the way.

The DEO experience

The DEO process allows for constant adjustment to what is needed in the moment for each website. Even though the focuses can be utilized in order, they can also be reorganized once the DEO foundation has been established. The outcome is constant betterment of your sites engagement even when the dynamics of your clients, your market, and your company change over time. Click each Focus to learn more.

Focus I:

The Keyword Profitability Research focus involves researching profitable keywords for the website. This also involves defining the target audience and how they interact with the web. Additionally, we look to discover niche profitable search terms their competition may have overlooked. We only focus on six terms at any one time to ensure faster and more predictable results. Once any term in the initial list of six has held steady at number one, we put it on a watch list and substitute another term to focus on. Over time, a client may have dozens of profitable key terms ranking in the number one position.

Focus II:

On-site and off-site optimization. The on-site optimization, much like conventional SEO practices, involves creating meta descriptions and fixing any site health issues. URL resolution errors, link management, header management, keyword density, title tag optimization. Off-site optimization optimizes major search engine directories such as Google Places, Angie's List, Yelp, etc. We also enter clients’ sites into applicable online directories.

Focus III:

The Engagement focus takes the outcome of optimization and compares it to visitor conversions. Once we have identified what a company's particular definition of visitor conversion is, we look to increase the appropriate visitor interaction through varying engagement tactics. Each site is different and the way people interact with a site will change over time, so this focus is revisited on a regular basis to make sure clients are getting the most out of their SEO efforts. This focus is more about marketing that traditional SEO, hence why our marketing department may become involved to help with complex sales cycles or tricky engagement situations on websites.

Focus IV:

Once a site has reached high keyword profitability and engagement, it usually has enough traffic to start the Test Marketing focus. During this Focus we watch how people interact with the company's website. From this, we find any weak points where potential customers leave the website for unknown reasons. Using A/B testing, we can fine-tune a website into a lead creating machine.

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