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Isn’t social media fun? You get to connect with family and friends, keep up with old acquaintances and discover new and exciting things happening near and far. Then there is social media marketing. This for many is less fun, but to compete as a small business, it has become essential. If you don’t know where to start, you are not alone. That’s why Buzzbizz Creative offers social media management services.


Two-Fold Social Media Marketing

It used to be that all a business that wanted to increase their presence locally had to do was create a fan page on Facebook. Then start inviting everyone to like their page, and start showing off their product with special offerings occasionally how times have changed. Not only has Facebook moved to a pay-to-play venture, but there is a plethora of other social media platforms to choose from. If all of that was not enough, once you have chosen your social media venues, you should navigate the two-fold digital marketing prospect of organic versus paid social media engagement.

Social Media Marketing for anchorage marketing


Fold One

The easy way to increase your visibility on any social media platform is to utilize their “pay-to-play” options. These options range from boosted or sponsored posts, to plain old ads. There are two great things this option can do for you. One, most platforms are incredibly inexpensive for local reach campaigns. Two, they are very easy to launch on your own. The hard part of this option is messaging, targeting, properly cycling, and maximizing conversions.


Fold Two

In recent years, most established social media websites have made it extremely difficult to reach new audiences without paying for the exposure. Even worse, it is becoming even more difficult to reach your already established audience. These two facts make the organic reach fold of social media campaign extremely frustrating. But it is essential to keep in touch with your fan base and keep your clients engaged in your brand, so we are all forced to play along.


Bringing It All Together

A calculated social media marketing strategy can help social media exercises become profitable and well worth your time. If you don’t have the time or expertise, Buzzbizz Creative is here to bring it all together for you with an a la carte service that lets you keep control of parts of the campaign you like doing.

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