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There are many facets to Internet marketing, one of the most important elements your company should consider is web site development. Once you have successfully built a compelling story on-line, it is time to get your story seen. There are four main ways to promote your web site: search engine optimization, search engine marketing, social media, and Internet display advertising. Buzzbizz Creative can help you with all four. The first three solutions are covered in other sections on our website so just click the hyperlinks to be taken there now. In this section, we will be covering the fourth element: Internet display advertising.

Internet Advertising Campaigns

Choosing effective websites to advertise on can be as complicated as deciding how to display your message. Buzzbizz Creative can help you choose the right sites, map out how to effectively display your campaign on those sites, and produce the creative to be displayed. The advantage you have with Internet advertising is that everything is traceable; you can monetize your investment down to the dollar. Call the Creative Team today to unlock the possibilities of the Internet.

Five Steps to Successful Internet Advertising


There are a lot of websites you can advertise on, but few are the right fit. Each company will find different results from each site available. The first priority is to find the perfect fit for your product and target audience.




Many websites with advertising opportunities are run independently. Others are part of Internet advertising networks and extended reach programs. Both scenarios present options for negotiation.


There are two main objectives to Internet advertising: brand awareness and call to action. It is imperative to create the right message with eye-catching creative to influence website visitors to take the action you want.




Once the campaign is running, it is time to measure results which can happen almost immediately. Data is at our fingertips and we don’t have to wait as long as conventional media to start getting useful info.


Taking what we learn from the data, we start adjusting as needed. Sometimes we may create parallel campaigns on the same site in order to see if one idea works better than another. A/B testing can be a game changer.


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